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Wedding Registry Facts and Tips

A Wedding Registry is designed to take the gift giving hassle out of the whole experience for you and your guests

You and your partner get exactly what you'd like

You don't have to endlessly recite your options to well meaning family and friends.

It removes the guess work and stops you ending up with wooden 1970s wall clocks that you just can't stand (experienced by our own Marketing Manager all those years ago!)

Your guests don't have to lug the gifts to the ceremony and reception

You don't have to worry about taking them all home after the reception, come on, you are off on your honeymoon now!!


Don't be shy in placing more gifts on your list than you have guests. This gives them a wide range of gift options and price ranges to choose from. It also gives those who leave it to the last minute the chance to still get you what you want. It's what the registry is all about.

Anything that isn't bought isn't a problem, we only sell what your guests purchase.

It is a good idea to indicate if you'd like a few bottles or a case of a particular wine.  This also gives your guests the option of collectively purchasing some larger quantities or more expensive items as a group.