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Drinking Wine can be Healthy

Who would have thought?

More than a decade ago, a landmark study in relation to wines in general drove home a message that resonated with wine lovers everywhere: Drink red wine in moderation to lower your risk for a heart attack. Now, new results suggest that some white wines protect the heart just as well, at least in rats. The study, which was partially funded by the grape industry, suggests that more heart-protective chemicals exist in grapes than scientists had suspected.

The questions are:

  • Is it because better educated, more sophisticated people drink better quality wines?
  • Does wine drinking in moderation help ease the effects of stress? For example, a glass of red wine or white wine after a hard day is better than worrying?
  • Does red wine or white wine itself have enough health promoting chemicals to have a positive effect or does the relaxing effects of drinking a glass of red wine or wine add to one's well being?

Lovers of wine all over the world were happy to hear that researchers found French people, who drink more red wine and white wine, were less likely to get heart disease. Even though they ate fatty, oily foods, it was usually accompanied by a glass of red wine or white wine. Is it a case whereby chemicals in grapes, red and white wines neutralize oxygen radicals?

Resveratrol and Anthocyanins are concentrated in the skin of the grape rather than the fruit. Researchers therefore suspected that white wines, which are made without the skin of the grape, would not protect hearts. In 2002, cardiovascular scientist Dipak Das of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington reported that some white wines protected rat hearts as well as red wine did.

French, Spanish and Italians are renowned for their love of a good glass of wine. Red wine or white wine, they love them all. In general, Mediterranean people make a wine as part of their staple diet. Traditionally, a French stick, salami, a piece of cheese and bottle of red wine for lunch could have been a common sight amongst those from that part of the world. Hardly a diet for the health conscious or even those trying to stave off ageing and the effect that comes with it. Yet, the high level of consumption of wines as part of their diet is why they have shocked Doctors: Lots of wine, cigarettes and rich foods without heart diseases.

How could we ever know for sure that high antioxidant levels in red wine and white wine actually extinguishes the free radicals and oxidants that damage your cells and tissues? Research suggests that the benefit may be due to wine, especially red wine. Others are examining the potential benefits of components in red wine such as flavonoids and other antioxidants.

Are there potential benefits of drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages? Research on the apparent benefits of drinking wine in some populations may be due to, including the role of antioxidants, an increase in HDL ("good") cholesterol or anti-clotting properties. For those who do not necessarily want to drink red wine or white wine, antioxidants can be obtained from many fruits and vegetables, including red grape juice.

Specifically however, Resveratrol found in alcoholic beverages like red wine and white wine may prevent blood clotting and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. To be clear, there is no scientific proof that drinking red wine or white wine is the pathway to great health.

Red Wine or White Wine without Sulphite Preservatives

As a lover of a nice glass of red wine or even white wine, I have found that there are some grapes and some kinds of wines can make the morning after either painful or normal. My intuition tells me that it has to do with the presence of preservatives in wines. Namely the well used Sulphites.

During my research and discovery of wines, I have uncovered the following list of wines that are free of preservatives:

  1. Happs. Margaret River WA Wines www.happs.com.au
  2. Happs Pf Red Wine
  3. Happs Pf White Wine
  4. Hardys Reynella SA Wines www.hardys.com.au
  5. Hardys Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
  6. Hardys No Preservative Added Shiraz Wine
  7. Hardys No Preservative Added Chardonnay Wine
  8. Botobolar Wine Vineyards
  9. Botobolar Dry Red Wine
  10. Botobolar Low Preservative Chardonnay Wine
  11. Lily Dry White Wine
  12. Lily Dry Red Wine
  13. Kancoona Merlot Wine
  14. Kancoona Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
  15. Macaw Creek Wines Clare Valley Sa Wines
  16. Yoolang Shiraz Wines
  17. Robinvale Organic & Bio-Dynamic Wines Vic

My message to you is: Drink up "responsibly"

To order any of these wines as a case or as a gift simply contact us on (02) 969 00 888 or info@intervino.com.au