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Bridal Registry FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from our Lovely Brides and Grooms to Be..

What are the costs to register with Intervino?

Absolutely NONE whatsoever. The gift and delivery costs for your guests are as per our website, and these costs include the gift, packaging, and a handwritten greeting.  That's it.  Unlike some services we don't put a mark up on our goods and services simply because you mentioned the word wedding.

What if I don't want to limit my registry to just wine?

That is perfectly fine with us and understandable too. We have spirits, ports and liqueurs available as well.  We understand you may just want a few bottles or cases too, the list and quantity is totally up to you.

Can I include an Intervino Registry with my other Registry choice?

Of course you can, it's your wedding right! It's a great opportunity to provide your guests with a range of gift options.  We are a very flexible group here at Intervino and happy to tie in with your department store, honeymoon fund or wishing well registry. We promise to play nice in the envelope with your other registry card. Easy.

How much do the Registry Cards cost me?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Intervino knows how expensive weddings can become and we'd like to offer you our Registry cards for absolutely no cost whatsoever. It's our way of saying Congratulations and thanks for including us in your celebrations.