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About Us

A glass of wine is one of the simple and pure pleasures in life. No matter where you are or whatever the reason, InterVino makes it possible for you to send a stunning gift of wine that will truly impress! At the touch of a few buttons we can help you stand out from the crowd, whilst you take all the credit.

InterVino is an Australian based brainchild where fine gifts of wine or spirits can be delivered direct to the door of a client, colleague, friend or loved one. We recognise the need for this special service in the busy world we now live in. Imagine wasting your valuable time and effort running around for that all important gift...

  1. to the bottle shop to select something from their vast array of product, then
  2. to the newsagent to swarm over the myriad of gift cards & cheap wrapping options, then
  3. back to the office to put it all together. Hang on...
  4. you still have to write the card, then
  5. call the courier (hope they don't lose or drop the gift in their daily rush), or
  6. visit the post office to stand in the queue to finally send the gift off to the recipient (do you still have the address details handy?)

So how did it look, and how long did it take you? Now add up all the separate receipts... what did it actually cost you in total? Like most people, you're probably over budget and down one lunch break!

In today's hectic environment, we understand you have a job to do. Let InterVino come to the rescue by providing a professional, easy to use gift service, all designed to save you heaps of time and stress.

At InterVino, we specialise in providing you with a great selection of wines and spirits for every occasion. Ranging in price and variety, all are beautifully packaged with your own personal touch and message. And to make it even easier, the price you see is the price you pay... including our Italian made gift box, hand made bow, personal card message and delivery.

InterVino makes all of this possible from the ease and comfort of the office or home in just a few minutes. Everything is conducted over the Internet - security and privacy is assured. If you prefer to speak with someone, don't hesitate to contact us.

The face of InterVino is Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine. He's an expert in determining what occasions call for a gift of Vino, like getting a unique message to a friend, work college or associate. Perhaps a reward for a job well done or a special message to say I love you. Through InterVino, Bacchus provides you with an opportunity to respond to an immediate need that you may have in any of the following categories:


Recognising when an important client deserves more than a simple "thank you" is one of the most critical aspects to the success of any business. At InterVino, we offer you the opportunity to say it personally in a way that is not only different, but spectacular! Delivering a bottle or two of quality Barossa Valley Shiraz to a client is now remarkably easy, and will leave a lasting impression. Simply place an order and let your clients know just how important their business is to you.

Every now and then things somehow turn upside down - from a service mishap in business through to a misunderstanding or falling out of touch. Ease the situation and re-establish the right contact with a treasured bottle of wine direct to a customer or friend. InterVino not only expresses the words of sorry but invites the opportunity to share.


InterVino enables you to reward an individual's achievement in business and life. A great bottle of wine or a special spirit is a perfect way to say "great work" and very effective in creating a positive working culture. For repeated excellence, InterVino's wide variety of product means you never need to give the same gift twice. Impress someone today on a job well done.


There's nothing better than a celebration in life. A new baby, a birthday, wedding, anniversary or Christmas. Whatever the occasion, InterVino allows you to send a gift that says you really care. Being remembered as a part of happy times with friends and family is what life is all about - after all, isn't a bottle of Champagne the first thing we reach for in celebration?


Ah...Romance, they say there can never be enough! At InterVino we have Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine, working together with Cupid to deliver litres of romance in the direction of your loved one. No matter where your romantic inclination lies, and at what level, you can let them know personally with a fine gift of wine. Perhaps you'd like to keep it a secret? A secret admirer - now that's romantic!


Let's see, you've been living together for a while now, and you're sitting down together in your home organising your special day. The joy that is the Bridal Registry. Suddenly you stop. You both look around... what do you see?

Everything! A home full of everything...

The thought of 3 new silver kettles and a new electric blanket is pretty hard to get excited over these days.

Well why not start your own wine cellar with InterVino's Cellar Registry?

Simply contact us and we can arrange for your wedding invitations to include InterVino's details along with the usual gift registry options if desired.

If your guests know you well, and you love your Vino, you'll really have something to look forward to returning from your honeymoon!

Imagine being back home, sitting down again (from Cloud 9) and looking around once more... what do you see?

Some of the finest Wine Gifts available... and they're yours. A few bottles of Grange, Hill of Grace, real French Champagne and an assortment of fine wines and spirits to really enjoy. Perhaps even a selection of Reidel Stemware - the best in the world to perfectly compliment your new cellar.

Give us a call, and let InterVino make your special day even more special.